October 24, 2017

Sewage and rain water have covered all over the Liberty ground – Residents demand to return to Ashraf

Camp Liberty-No. 62
Following the continuous raining, water and sewage covered all over the Liberty ground making it almost impossible to commute within the camp. The sewage overflew on the ground polluting the whole camp and exposing the residents to various diseases and infections.

Rising the level of rain water on the camp ground and the sewage overflow are due to two factors:

First, breakdown and inefficiency of the infrastructure which the residents from day one raised with the UN officials and the SRSG over and over again but none of the written and verbal promises given by Martin Kobler have been fulfilled.

Kobler said in a statement on January 31 that Camp Liberty met the humanitarian standards and its infrastructure is adequate for the living of Ashraf residents. This was a big lie used for forcible eviction of the Ashraf residents.

Second, the tall T-walls surrounding the whole camp to turn Liberty into a prison have caused the rain water to become stagnant over the camp area.

Government of Iraq did not allow the transfer of the utility vehicles thus making it absolutely impossible to drain the water from the camp area and rendered it impossible to commute within the camp by not allowing the transfer of the passenger vehicles.

The climate conditions and the state of infrastructure at Liberty is while the residents have not been allowed to transfer but only a few of their electrical heaters and generators to Liberty. This has made the living conditions even more difficult.

Liberty residents express their strongest protest to their forcible eviction and urge for their immediate return to Ashraf as the fundamental problems of Liberty infrastructure make the camp an absolutely unsuitable place for living.

Iranian Resistance calls on the UN Secretary General to immediately act for transfer of the residents to Ashraf in order to prevent the outbreak of diseases and to improve the residents’ state of living as it was emphasized in the UNHCR statement of December 13, 2012.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 26, 2012