October 24, 2017

Voice of Iraq: Initial investigations confirm Iraqi forces involvement in camp liberty attack

NCRI – The initial investigations into deadly attack on Camp Liberty on February 9 confirm that Iraqi security systems were involved in the attack which left 7 killed and over a 100 injured, an Iraqi website reported.

Voice of Iraq radio quoted a member of the Investigation Committee in the Iraqi Parliament on Sunday (February 17) on the condition of anonymity that: “The investigation includes commanders of the military forces responsible for the security of the region where camp Liberty is located.”

He confirmed that members of the Iraqi National Coalition (the coalition forming the Iraqi government of Nouri Al-Maliki) is preventing investigation on the attack and have a tendency to put the blame on the terrorists.”

“The Iraqi National Coalition tried to put the blame on so called Mokhtar Army, but other committee members reject the idea and consider the Iraqi Security systems is responsible.”

Colonel Wesley Martin, chief anti-terrorism officer in Iraq, in his speech at a conference in Paris on 11th of February stated:

“Please allow me also to speak not only as a former camp commander of Ashraf but as the first anti-terrorism officer for all coalition forces in Iraq.

“This rocket attack was a professional military operation.  It could not have been done by a militia or a rogue element.  To land scores of rockets in such a small location requires reconnaissance, ground surveys and a lot of practice.  This was a Quds force operation working with the Maliki government.

“Now we have Kobler asking Maliki to investigate the event.  That equates to asking Adolf Hitler to investigate the Holocaust.