October 24, 2017

Mullahs order Iraqi Government to kidnap and murder of PMOI members

NCRI – Based on credible information obtained from inside Iranian regime, Ali Khamenei, through commander of IRGC’s Quds force Ghasem Suleimani, has ordered his puppet government in Iraq to target Camp Ashraf with repeated missile attacks. Mullahs’ regime is also perpetrating the kidnapping of patients of the PMOI on their way to Baquba hospital.

The mullahs’ regime, in order to control its own faltering crisis and to export it beyond its borders just before the presidential elections, finds itself in desperate need of more killings at Ashraf and Liberty. That is to make sure its opposition and democratic alternative will be unable to ignite the explosive state of Iranian society which is currently submerged into deep political and civil discontent. On the other hand the regime is determined to confront the international outcry for the return of the PMOI to Ashraf from the “Liberty killing field.”

In this scenario of operation plotted by Suleimani himself, it is planned that first General Jamil al-Shemeri, Diyala’s head of police, will come to Camp Ashraf. He will give an ultimatum to the residents at presence of UNAMI and Martin Kobler’s staff. This ultimatum would say that if the residents, who stayed behind according to agreements to protect and maintain property, would not handover the assets to Iraqi forces, the Iraqi government will no longer be able to provide them with protection.

In the next phase, regime agents known as “Asa’ib Ahl Al-Haq” in coordination with al-Maliki’s security apparatus will target Ashraf repeatedly with 107mm missiles given to them for the purpose.

The same perpetrators targeted Ashraf using missiles on 25, 27, and 28 December 2011, immediately following the signing of the MoU between Martin Kobler and Maliki’s security advisor. There were no human casualties at the time.

Kidnapping will also take place using the same methods used for Mr. Pouyan and Mr. Zahedi in 2005 that was carried out by Iraqi Special Forces from the Ministry of Interior at Karrada Street. There is no information about the two victims even until now.

The head of Quds forces terrorists has commissioned, Al-Maliki’s security advisor, General Jamil Shemmary, and Khalis city governor Odey Khedhran, who is a know Quds force agent, to subsequently use force to transfer the residents guarding the property in Ashraf.

According to the document obtained from the regime by the PMOI, it is intended that a portion of forces known as “Tigris Operation Command” stationed at the disputed areas north of Diyala and Kirkuk be used to occupy Ashraf at the orders of Al-Maliki.

On March 12 the Iranian Resistance revealed in a statement that the government of Iraq is fabricating judicial cases to get baseless rulings from the Khalis city claiming that PMOI have confiscated the Ashraf property from local villagers. In this regard, Oday Khadhran has stolen evidence of land exchange and sales in 1974 between Iraq’s Defense Ministry and a number villagers from the Agriculture agency. Nevertheless, the original and copy are present in archives of Defense Ministry.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 13, 2013