November 18, 2017

UN has failed to protect Camp Liberty residents, US Congress meeting is told

NCRI – The United Nations and the Iraqi government have failed to keep their promise to protect the residents of Camp Liberty, who are now exposed to the threat of more deadly attacks, a meeting in US Congress has been told.

In a meeting marking the Iranian New Year, House Foreign Affairs Committee member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said Camp Liberty’s ‘urgent humanitarian situation’ dictated that the residents must now be returned to Ashraf.

And she said she has introduced House Resolution 89, which both condemned the February 9 rocket attack on Liberty and called for the residents immediate and safe passage to safety.

She told the meeting in the House of Representatives on Friday: “Everyone here knows what happened in Camp Liberty last month is a terrorist attack that killed several freedom loving individuals, peaceful members of the community. It left many more wounded and this act, as we know was reprehensible but it was preventable.

“This attack demonstrated that the living conditions of the residents are being threatened. It demonstrated that their safety is in jeopardy as a threat of another attack by the Quds force could be imminent and that is our greatest fear.

“Not only that, but it demonstrates that the United Nations and the Iraqi government have not lived up to their promises. Their promise was to ensure the safety for all of those residents in Camp Ashraf who have now been relocated to Camp Liberty.

“So it is time for us in the United States to show the United Nations and the Iraqi government what it means to keep one’s word.”

The residents should now be immediately returned to Ashraf where they could be protected, Ms Ros-Lehtinen said.

She added: “It has been their home. They deserve to be back home and this is an urgent humanitarian situation and time is of the utmost essence.

“May this New Year bring about a positive change for all of the people in Iran and we hope that soon, the residents of Camp Liberty will again be in Camp Ashraf.”