December 18, 2017

British dignitaries support immediate return of Camp Liberty residents to Ashraf

NCRI – More than 60 representatives of the House of Commons and House of Lords from all three major parties as well as lawyers, jurists, and women’s association participated in a meeting held on Tuesday, March 26 in the House of Commons in the British Parliament on the occasion of Nowruz, the Iranian New Year.

The participants congratulated the Iranian New Year and expressed support for the Iranian Resistance particularly for residents of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty.  

Prominent members of House of Lords including Lord Waddington GCVO DL QC, former Home Secretary; Lord Clarke of Hampstead CBE, former Chairman of the Labour Party; Lord Hoyle, Lord Hughes, former Shadow Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills; Lord Bates, former Shadow Deputy Prime Minister and Deputy Chair of Conservative Party, Lord Dobbs, former vice-minister in Irish affair and prominent members of House of Commons including David Amess, president of the British Parliamentary Committee for Iran Freedom, Brian Binley, Mark Williams, Roger Williams, Dr Mathew Offord and several others participated.

In addition, prominent legal personalities including Ms. Linda Lee, former president of the Law Society of England and Wales, David Vaughan CBE QC and Mr. Malcolm Ketz, distinguished lawyers, and also Ms. Martha Jane Baker, vice-president of international women league have attended the meeting.

In this meeting, 15 speakers gave lectures and after congratulating the Persian New Year, provided their support for the residents of Ashraf and Liberty.

The speakers condemned the latest deadly attack on camp Liberty and called for replacement of Martin Kobler, UN Secretary General Special Representative for Iraq, for breaching impartiality and taking side with al-Maliki. They also called for immediate return of Liberty residents to camp Ashraf. 

Mr. Brian Binley said according to the UNHCR guidelines if a host country is unwilling or unable to provide security for the concerned people, their relocation to a safer place must be considered and the safer place is now camp Ashraf where the process of resettlement can continue from there.

Mr. David Amess said that the US must avoid hiding behind the UN and act upon its responsibilities towards protection of the residents. If the U.S. and Europe are not willing to assume their responsibilities toward protecting residents, the only solution is to return the residents to Camp Ashraf.

All speakers wished to celebrate the next Nowruz (New Year) in free Iran.