December 15, 2017

British MP: Relocate Iranians in Camp Liberty to either U.S. or Ashraf

NCRI – The United States must honour its promise to protect the residents of Camp Liberty and relocate them to either the US or Ashraf, a British MP has demanded.

David Amess also urged the United Nations to sack Martin Kobler and replace him with an impartial envoy as the only way of solving the crisis at Liberty and Ashraf.

The MP told a meeting at the British Houses of Parliament to mark the Iranian New Year on March 26: “The situation at Camp Liberty at the moment is a dire one, and vital action is needed by the United Kingdom government, the United States government, European Union and the United Nations.

“After three events of massacre and genocide, against the defenceless residents in Ashraf and camp Liberty, security is the fundamental issue which needs to be addressed.

“Camp Liberty has become not only an open roofed concentration prison, but a killing field – which is far from the temporary transit station it was intended to be.”

The removal of 17,500 anti-blast T-walls, bullet proof vests and helmets by the Iraqi government was putting Liberty’s 3,100 residents at even great risk, he said.

Mr Amess told the meeting: “What the US government must do is to stop hiding behind the United Nations and accept responsibility for the protection of the residents of Camp Liberty.

“This means, not only having a presence in the Camp to protect the residents, but also relocation of all residents to the United States or a European country on a temporarily basis.

“If the United States are unwilling to accept such responsibility, and no other European country steps forward to take all of the residents of Camp Liberty, the only alternative is the return of camp liberty residents to Camp Ashraf.

“In addition to these necessity measures for security of the residents, we must urge the UN Secretary General to replace Kobler, with an impartial representative.

“The relationship Martin Kobler has with Iran and Maliki, means that the security of the residents of Camp Liberty and Camp Ashraf will always be under threat, if Martin Kobler is allowed to maintain his power of position. Only with an impartial representative, which we have been calling for, for such a long time – can we come to a solution to solving the issue of Camp Liberty and Ashraf.”

The UN must also launch an investigation in the deadly February 9 rocket attack on Liberty which left eight dead and more than 100 injured, and bring those responsible to justice, Mr Amess said.

He added: “Let us start this Nowrouz by helping to bring the promise and hope of change and freedom to the Iranian people, by standing up and supporting the residents of Camp Liberty and Ashraf, and their inspirational struggle to bring prosperity to the people of Iran.”