February 22, 2018

‘Feckless and corrupt Iraq’ bombed Camp Liberty, Paris conference is told

NCRI – The deadly bombing of Camp Liberty was carried out by the ‘feckless and corrupt’ regime in Iraq doing the bidding of its Iranian masters, a former White House Homeland Security Advisor has declared.

And the massacre on February 9 had left ‘blood on the hands’ of the UN’s representative in Iraq Martin Kobler, Frances Townsend told a conference in Paris on International Women’s Day. 

Ms Townsend also said she was both ‘humbled and inspired’ by the courageous women who suffer oppressive in both Iran and Syria.

She told delegates: “Let me start with the basic premise that we must all just be very clear about. Women are a threat. And that is a good thing. Women are a threat to oppression and injustice.

“They are particularly a threat to the status quo in Iran, Syria and around the world where they are denied basic freedoms and human rights.”

Ms Townsend told the conference held in Paris on March 9 how she spoke via satellite to the women of Ashraf in November 2010 and was sent a DVD from the women in the camp to thank her.

But she later learned that one of the ‘beautiful, smiling, cheerful women’ in the video had been murdered in an attack on Ashraf in April 2011.

She said: “The feckless, corrupt regime in Iraq, doing the bidding of their Iranian masters, had silenced her voice.

“But they cannot and they must not silence ours. We who live in freedom and enjoy freedom’s benefits must also accept our responsibility to speak out.”

Now the same Iranian dissidents had been attacked again at Camp Liberty, Ms Townsend said, adding: “The Iranian regime, using its terrorist proxy Hezbollah, had attacked. And again the UN failed. Martin Kobler, there is the blood of innocents on your hands.

“Camp Liberty must be closed, its residents must be granted refugee status immediately and they must be repatriated. At a minimum.

“To the women of Camp Liberty who suffer, we feel your heavy heart and we hear your anguished cries. When you are exhausted and weak, when you are frightened, no we will not be silenced and we will continue to fight on your behalf.

“The world should be ashamed that in the 21st century it has permitted by its inaction and its silence a concentration camp such as Camp Liberty to exist.”