February 22, 2018

Martin Kobler’s ‘malignant behaviour’ lead to the murder of Liberty residents in rocket attack, EP Vice-President

NCRI – United Nations envoy Martin Kobler must be sacked and made to pay for his ‘malignant behaviour’ that lead to the deaths of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, European Parliament vice-president Alejo Vidal-Quadras has demanded.

Kobler is a barrier to solving the crisis at Liberty and has exposed its residents to the risk of further attacks, Mr Vidal-Quadras told a meeting at the European Parliament March 27.

He said: “Martin Kobler is a barrier in solving this problem. His intentions were to close Ashraf at any cost with no regards to its consequences.

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“An impartial court should investigate and question him for sending these 3,000 freedom loving individuals to Camp Liberty where they are extremely vulnerable to future missile attacks.

“I hope one day, he will pay for his malignant behavior and for the lives of the victims of the Iranian regime that he has failed to protect as it was his duty.

“I regret and request from the UN Secretary General the immediate removal of Martin Kobler from Iraq and his replacement by someone with a moral diplomatic
and human level necessary for the job.”

Mr Vidal-Quadras said there was ‘no doubt’ that Iran with the assistance of the Iraqi government carried out the deadly February 9 rocket attack on Liberty that left eight dead and more than 100 injured.

He added: “Another such attack on Camp Liberty is highly likely. The US government has announced that such attack could happen any time and the government of Iraq has
said that they are not able to prevent such attack.

“The rapid relocation process has failed. Instead of deceiving the residents with the success of this process, Martin Kobler and his wife, German ambassador to Iraq
should answer this simple question. Why did they refuse to renew the passports of three of the residents who were killed as a result of the February 9 rocket attack?

“As long as Martin Kobler is the United Nation’s envoy to Iraq, the danger for the residents of Camp Liberty is much higher than it would be if this function were attributed to an honest, professional and objective UN official, qualities that Martin Kobler is far from enjoying.

“Martin Kobler is a shame for the United Nations, a shame for Germany, and a shame for Europe.”

Meanwhile, Camp Liberty residents should be transferred back to the safety of Camp Ashraf as soon as possible, Mr Vidal-Quadras said.

And he blamed the EU’s foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton for continuing to support Kobler adding: “We must initiate a serious campaign to accept the residents of the Camp to the countries of the European Union or demand the Iraqi government to return all the residents to Camp Ashraf.”

He told the meeting that the days of the Iranian regime were numbered, and praised the Iranian Resistance and its leader Maryam Rajavi – who attended the meeting – for being its ‘biggest frustration’.

He said: “Your resistance is a strong symbol of hope for the Iranian people and for all of us.

“Mrs. President, I congratulate you and your movement for such men and women and what you have achieved so far and the democratic future that we are all hoping for.”