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People at Camp Liberty are at very high risk, US Congress meeting told

NCRI - The United States must keep its promise to protect the residents of Camp Liberty - who are at risk of further rocket attacks due to the actions of the UN's Iraqi representative Martin Kobler, American Colonel Wesley Martin has told a meeting in US Congress. Kobler's 'fried' plan to move Iranian dissidents from Ashraf to Camp Liberty has meant more people have left the camp in body bags than in airplanes', he told the meeting last week. Rt. Col Martin - the former chief protection officer for the Coalition Forces in Iraq and commandant in charge of protection of Camp Ashraf - said vulnerable residents were now living in structures which had 'less strength than a soup can'. He … [Read more...]

Open America’s Doors to MEK, or Give a Green Light to Murder

THE HUFFINGTON POST By Allan Gerson Every war leaves in its wake refugees and the displaced. Often, many among them are political refugees fleeing from oppressive political systems who may face torture or death if repatriated to their former countries. Try as it might, America cannot take them all in. But to special groups it owes special obligations. One such group is an Iranian regime opponent, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/PMOI). Today 3,200 members of the MEK/PMOI remain isolated in a camp that has been described by General James Jones, President Obama's former National Security Advisor and Supreme Allied Commander, as worse than anything we have at Guantanamo. Daily, they face the … [Read more...]

UN has failed to protect Camp Liberty residents, US Congress meeting is told

NCRI - The United Nations and the Iraqi government have failed to keep their promise to protect the residents of Camp Liberty, who are now exposed to the threat of more deadly attacks, a meeting in US Congress has been told. In a meeting marking the Iranian New Year, House Foreign Affairs Committee member Ileana Ros-Lehtinen said Camp Liberty's 'urgent humanitarian situation' dictated that the residents must now be returned to Ashraf. And she said she has introduced House Resolution 89, which both condemned the February 9 rocket attack on Liberty and called for the residents immediate and safe passage to safety. She told the meeting in the House of Representatives on Friday: … [Read more...]

“Return us to Ashraf”, Iranians in Camp Liberty tell Ban Ki-moon

NCRI - In a joint letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, over 3,000 Iranians in Camp Liberty, Iraq, said: "More than one month after the missile attack, we have repeated time and again that our most urgent issue is immediate provision of security." "Continuation of interviews in Liberty... hides the truth and portrays a wrong image of business as usual and as if matters are being pursued in the right path. None of us accept this dishonorable attitude that leaves the lives of other residents in danger."  The residents said: "The only solution is our immediate return to Ashraf which is relatively safer as it is eighty times larger than Liberty with concrete buildings as well as … [Read more...]

Camp Liberty Residents Outline Urgent Demands In Long Detailed Letter To UN

In a long and detailed letter to the United Nations Undersecretary for Political Affairs, Camp Liberty residents and their representative, explained their bitter and painful experience with Martin Kobler, the UN representative in Iraq, and outlined their demands for securing their lives against further attacks. Camp Liberty in Iraq that houses some 3,100 Iranian refugees was target of a deadly missile attack on February 9 which killed eight residents and injured 100 more. The threats of more attacks continue while the camp lacks any protective facility.  The letter dated March 8 and carries over 180 pages of attachments including video and pictures, was provided to this website on … [Read more...]

Prison camp Liberty

THE WASHINGTON TIMES Iranian dissidents in the U.S. are preparing for the Persian New Year with a major push in Washington for the removal of the brutal, theocratic regime in Iran and for the relocation of 3,000 Iranian refugees confined to a squalid camp in Iraq where they are targeted by pro-Iranian terrorists. Supporters of the National Council of Resistance of Iran hosted a conference this week at the Capitol with former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and other national security analysts. The resistance has a luncheon scheduled Friday with other congressional supporters. Rep. Ted Poe is drawing endorsements from Democrats and Republicans for a resolution condemning a Feb. 9 attack … [Read more...]

Time to save Iranian exiles in Iraq before more lives are wasted

UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL LONDON, March 14 (UPI) -- The tragedy of the modern world isn't the lack of support for human rights but the reluctance of the international community to act before a catastrophe has occurred. A catastrophe is looming for 3,100 Iranian refugees housed in "Camp Liberty," near the Baghdad airport, as they face uninhabitable living conditions and mortal danger from terrorist attacks. Will the international community stand by idly and allow this tragedy to reach catastrophic proportions before it acts? The residents of Camp Liberty are members of the People's Mujahedin of Iran, the principal Iranian opposition movement, who had been previously residing in Camp … [Read more...]

US and UN have failed to honour promises to Camp Liberty residents, US General says

NCRI - An 'unconscionable humanitarian crisis' is unfolding in Camp Liberty despite American pledges, Iraqi promises and the international community's obligation to protect its vulnerable unarmed residents, US General James Jones has told a conference at the Senate in Washington DC. Every day that passes brought with it the threat of more rocket attacks and more deaths, the General said. He said: "In Iraq, today, 3100 Iranian refugees continue to languish in deplorable conditions. They remain homeless, stripped of their rights, living in confinement under constant threat of attack and murder, and mainly because they hope for a better future for their native country next … [Read more...]

Iranian dissident dies in Camp Liberty due to medical restrictions

NCRI - A resident of Camp Liberty, a member of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI.MEK) died on Tuesday afternoon, March 12 at the Iraqi clinic in the camp, due to lack of medical attention. Mr Mansour Koufe’i, 52, was a political prisoner under the mullahs’ regime in early 1980’s when he was a student at Tehran University. He was an activist against the regime for more than 30 years.  Despite severe pain and agony and lack of access to medical services, he never gave up fighting his illness. In addition to his illness—like other PMOI members at Camp Liberty—he was suffering from the aftermath of the recent rocket attacks against Liberty. Mansour Koufe’i was suffering … [Read more...]

Mullahs order Iraqi Government to kidnap and murder of PMOI members

NCRI - Based on credible information obtained from inside Iranian regime, Ali Khamenei, through commander of IRGC’s Quds force Ghasem Suleimani, has ordered his puppet government in Iraq to target Camp Ashraf with repeated missile attacks. Mullahs’ regime is also perpetrating the kidnapping of patients of the PMOI on their way to Baquba hospital. The mullahs’ regime, in order to control its own faltering crisis and to export it beyond its borders just before the presidential elections, finds itself in desperate need of more killings at Ashraf and Liberty. That is to make sure its opposition and democratic alternative will be unable to ignite the explosive state of Iranian society which is … [Read more...]