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Camp liberty attacked with rockets

Call on the UN Secretary General, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the U.S. Secretary of State for immediate return of Liberty residents to Ashraf  NCRI -At 5.50 pm Baghdad  local time, Camp Liberty was attacked once again. The camp and its obliterated trailers were shacken at daylight by explosions caused by at least […]

Despite increase in temperatures, Government of Iraq prevents entry of fans to Camp Liberty

NCRI – For more than a week, Iraqi forces in Camp Liberty have refused to allow fans purchased by residents to be allowed into the camp. This measure comes in spite of rising temperatures in Iraq and increasingly unbearable environmental conditions in Camp Liberty. This refusal by Iraqi forces also comes after Nouri al-Maliki’s political […]

14 residents of Ashraf and Liberty camps have died due to medical blockade

NCRI – Mr. Reza Nasiri, 46, a resident of Camp Liberty, passed away in a hospital in Baghdad on Wednesday afternoon, April 24, due to lack of access to medical services, delay in his transfer to hospital and obstructions created in his treatment. He has been fighting against the religious fascism ruling Iran for the […]

Kerry Blasts Iran for Attack on Dissidents

ASSOCIATED PRESS (WASHINGTON) — Secretary of State John Kerry has accused Iran of launching a deadly attack last February on its own people who were seeking refuge in Iraq because of opposition to their country’s policies. Testifying before the House Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, Kerry told lawmakers that Iran was behind a rocket and […]

Kerry blames Iran for attack on Iraq camp

AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE WASHINGTON — US Secretary of State John Kerry blamed the Iranian government for a deadly attack on an opposition camp in Iraq, and voiced fears of another assault. “We are deeply engaged in this. I am very concerned about the potential of another attack,” Kerry told US lawmakers when asked about the […]

Kennedy joins Iranian exiles protesting in Sweden

The Associated Press STOCKHOLM (AP) — Hundreds of supporters of an Iranian opposition group have rallied in Stockholm, denouncing the Islamic Republic’s regime and urging the U.N. to better protect the group’s members in neighboring Iraq. Former U.S. Congressman Patrick Kennedy was among the speakers Saturday at the demonstration in support of the Mujahedin-e Khalq, […]

Notable Germans urge protection for Iranian exiles

ABC NEWS By ROBERT H. REID Associated Press BERLIN – Several prominent Germans urged the U.S. and Europe on Wednesday to speed the resettlement of about 3,100 members of an Iranian opposition group living in Iraq whose lives are said to be at risk. The call was made at a conference in Berlin of the […]

Camp Liberty: Iraq blocking repair of trailers damaged in missile attack

NCRI – Two months after the February 9 missile attack, Iraq’s Prime Ministry not only prevents security measures to be taken, but it also obstacles transfer of necessary items needed for the repair of damaged trailers and installations. Since the very first days following the missile attack, the residents provided the representatives of the Iraqi […]

Kobler gives carte blanche for another criminal attack in Ashraf

Kobler must face justice for his criminal activities against 3200 Iranian refugees The issue of refugees and asylum seekers in Ashraf and Liberty are completely under the mandate of the UNHCR In a letter to Iranian Resistance President-elect Mrs Maryam Rajavi, Martin Kobler has told more lies and exposed Ashraf to the threat of yet […]

The final showdown for a free Iran

Speech by Senator Robert Torricelli in the European Parliament “We are talking about Camp Liberty and Ashraf, but I think everybody in the room knows it is really about Iran. “What is happening in Liberty is pretty much a part of the final showdown for a free Iran. It is what is happening in Syria […]