November 17, 2017

‘Lying’ Martin Kobler has failed Camp Liberty residents and must be replaced, Ex-UN official

NCRI – Martin Kobler has been ‘fabricating information’ and must be sacked for failing to keep his promises to the people of Camps Ashraf and Liberty, a meeting at the European Parliament on last Wednesday, March 27 was told.

Tahar Boumedra – a former advisor to Kobler at the UN’s mission to Iraq – also warned that Camp Liberty residents’ lives were in danger unless they were relocated as soon as possible.

He told the meeting: “I recently I crossed paths with the personal assistant to Mr Kobler. I told him that they had failed badly in this mission and failed in their promise to the residents of Ashraf.

“The real objective was to put the residents of Camp Ashraf in a prison called Camp Liberty which was made to look good by providing false information.

“I think it is certainly time for the UNHCR to take the matter in its hands and deal with it properly, away from the political manipulation we have witnessed.”

He added: “The UNHCR is a humanitarian organization and this is a humanitarian situation. Those who would like to address this issue with political objectives, should hand the process to UNHCR because crimes have committed.”