November 23, 2017

Archives for April 2013

‘Lying’ Martin Kobler has failed Camp Liberty residents and must be replaced, Ex-UN official

NCRI – Martin Kobler has been ‘fabricating information’ and must be sacked for failing to keep his promises to the people of Camps Ashraf and Liberty, a meeting at the European Parliament on last Wednesday, March 27 was told. Tahar Boumedra – a former advisor to Kobler at the UN’s mission to Iraq – also […]

Congressman Rohrabacher: US ‘lied to Liberty residents’ and must now protect them

NCRI – The United States ‘lied to the MEK’ and must now take swift steps to protect defenseless Camp Liberty residents, a senior US Congressman has demanded. Representative Dana Rohrabacher issued an urgent statement pressing the US State Department to honor its promises to the 3,100 highly vulnerable Iranian dissidents at the camp. Mr Rohrabacher […]

Move Camp Liberty residents to Ashraf, Iraqi leader demands

NCRI – Iraq must now return the residents to Ashraf, leader of Congress of Awakening Council has demanded. Sheik Ahmed Abu Risha called on Iraqi Government and the international community to provide full protection for Iranian dissidents at Liberty before immediate transfer Ashraf resettlement in third countries. He told the Iraq’s NINA news agency on […]