October 24, 2017

UN and Iraq must move PMOI (MEK) members to Ashraf, Iraqi MP demands

NCRI – A leading Iraqi MP has demanded that the United Nations and his own government immediately return Iranians in Camp Liberty to the safety of Ashraf.

Talal al-Zoobei also said that repeated attacks on Iranian dissidents members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) in Camp Liberty by Iraqi paramilitary forces was ruining the government’s reputation.

He said in a press release: “Attacking Camp Liberty means targeting every Iraqi individual’s security.

“This has ruined the reputation of the government because it does not even respect its own institutions and its paramilitaries are targeting everyone including the guests of Iraq.

“It is our responsibility to provide maximum security for the residents of Liberty and to provide for their legal rights in the framework of international conventions and humanitarian customs.

“We can see that these refugees are being attacked from all sides and this is why Iraq has lost its reputation. Therefore the government of Iraq must immediately and decisively act to move them to safe place.”

He also demanded UN and human rights organizations cease to stand by while Iranian refugees are being murdered.

He added: “We must respect the freedom and lives of all Iraqi people and their guests.

“The return of Ashraf residents is a necessity to guarantee their security and keep them safe from further attacks by paramilitaries.”