October 24, 2017

Martin Kobler using last days of mission in Iraq to conspire against Liberty and Ashraf residents

NCRI – On Tuesday, June 25, in the last days of his mission in Iraq and in a provocative act, Martin Kobler went to Camp Liberty escorted by several vehicles to take picture and film of his presence and of the undamaged sites in Liberty for propaganda purposes. He was accompanied by Captain Haidar Azab Mashi who has been summoned to the Spanish Court for crimes against humanity and crimes against international community. Martin Kobler took pictures of a number of locations, undamaged during the rocket barrage, to pass on after tampering to United States, United Nations, and the Security Council to claim that the situation in Liberty is alright.

He took no pictures of dozens of destroyed locations during the rocket attack or of the unexploded rockets. He plans to cover up his role in crime against humanity, making residents homeless, and sending them to the Liberty killing field and prison.

Once Martin Kobler left Camp Liberty, he asked residents’ representatives to meet him outside the camp. Representatives replied that if he is sincere, instead of taking pictures for propaganda purposes, he should go and see the damages, explosion sites, and destroyed locations that are the outcome of his own work, but he refused.

Concurrent with Martin Kobler’s visit to Liberty, dozens of cranes and flatbed trucks were busy carrying away the T-walls around Camp Liberty. Kobler who knows the T-walls are the only way to bring down the human loss in Camp Liberty did nothing to return the T-walls and missed no opportunity to praise the so-called efforts by government of Iraq to provide security to Camp Liberty.

In his interview with the Iraqi NINA news agency on Tuesday, Kobler attempted to portray residents as responsible for Camp Liberty’s problems. To cover up the failure of the resettlement project to third countries he stated: “All we can do is to offer them the suggestion to travel outside Iraq; however, one problem is that they want to stay here and go to Camp Ashraf.” He did not speak of all his promises in the past 18 months about third countries, including his own country Germany, that were utter lies.

In yet another gross fabrication he said: “210 residents of Camp Liberty can go to Albania today, but most residents of Camp Liberty do not wish to relocate.” Previously, Kobler had said that 210 residents would go to Albania in mid April. During the months of March, April and May, in five lists, residents gave UNHCR 400 names of those to be transferred to Albania; however, up to this point only 71 have been transferred. Iranian Resistance began the initiative of transfer to Albania in the beginning of 2012; a move that was followed up by the United States and the UNHCR and last November the Albanian government announced its agreement to accept 210 people. Kobler is using this project that has nothing to do with him solely for propaganda purposes.

Martin Kobler who has no doubts that the massacre of Liberty residents is being carried out by the Iranian regime with Iraqi government’s assistance justified this slaughter by saying: “The security situation is tough and 1045 Iraqis were killed in May.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
June 26, 2013