October 24, 2017

Camp Liberty residents call on U.S. to immediately return them to Ashraf

NCRI- In a letter to the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, the residents of Camp Liberty called on the U.S. to immediately return them to Camp Ashraf as sources inside Iran have revealed that another missile attack on the camp is planned.

Representative of Camp Liberty residents, Mr. Mohammad Mohaddessin, wrote to Secretary John Kerry that “the only way to secure the refugees who are protected under 4th Geneva Convention, and U.S. and UN are directly responsible for their protection, would be their immediate return to Ashraf.”

Below is the text of the letter by representative of Camp Liberty residents to U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry:

“From sources inside the Iranian regime who quickly and directly receive reports from Iraq we have learned that a few days ago a number of leaders of the terrorist Asaib al-Haq group, including Qais al-Khazali, Seyyed Rahim and Hamza have met with Faleh Fayyaz, Maliki’s National Security Advisor.

“This group committed itself to once again target Camp Liberty with missiles in the next three weeks, Faleh Fayyaz promised to increase the material and military support to this group and provide ammunition and logistical support to them.

“This worrisome news is while we recently received a video from inside Iran that had been filmed from the site that missiles that had been launched against Camp Liberty on June 15. The film was taken by the Iraqi Police after the attack This video clearly shows that this attack had been conducted with complete cooperation of the Quds Force and Iraqi government and forces.

“On the other hand on June 22, Fars news agency, affiliated to the IRGC, has quoted its Iraqi agents that while assuming responsibility of the June 15 attack declare that it would again target Liberty soon in the next 10 days.

“Prior to the February 9 attack we numerously warned U.S. and UN that the Iranian regime is about to create a bloodshed in Camp Liberty, but it was met with disbelief and inattention.

“Following February 9 there were many indications that the attack would be repeated. Regrettably, U.S. and UN took no effective measure to confront Iraqi government’s obstructions vis-à-vis providing the minimum security requirements raised by the residents hundreds of times.

“Two weeks after the recent attack which left two residents killed and 70 injured, not only the situation has not changed and these minimums have not been provided, but instead of returning into the camp the T-walls that since last year had been piled up behind camp’s perimeter walls for protection of trailers, the Iraqi forces are removing them away from this area. Therefore, there is no doubt that further slaughters are underway and the government of Iraq intends to increase casualties in the upcoming attacks.

“Given the above mentioned points, on behalf of Liberty residents I am requesting urgent action to compel government of Iraq to provide the minimum security requirements enumerated in Mrs. Rajavi’s letter of June 18 to Secretary Kerry in seven articles. I emphasize the urgency of the first three (double layer roofs, returning of T-walls, completing five hundred 2×2 concrete bunkers).”

“However, should it be not possible to provide minimum security requirements, the only way to secure the refugees who are protected under 4th Geneva Convention, and U.S. and UN are directly responsible for their protection, would be their immediate return to Ashraf. Keeping them in Liberty without providing security requirements in hope of a delusive resettlement (given than only 2.5% have been resettled over past 19 months) is a green light for the next massacre.”