December 15, 2017

Congresswoman Chu: US must act to release Ashraf hostages and protect PMOI in Iraq

The United States must do everything in its power to ensure the return of the seven Camp Ashraf hostages, and honor its promise to protect all Iranian dissidents in Iraq, a leading Congresswoman has demanded.

In a letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry, Judy Chu described the massacre of 52 Camp Ashraf residents as a ‘vicious act of utter disregard for human life’.

She wrote: “I am increasingly troubled by the repeated number of attacks against this group, especially when this administration has repeatedly urged the government of Iraq on many occasions to ensure the safety of residents in both Camp Ashraf and their fellow Iranian opposition members in Camp Hurriya (Liberty). It is clear from this recent incident that the message is not getting through.

“I strongly urge this administration to use any and all tools at its disposal to ensure the remaining refugees at Camps Ashraf and Hurriya are provided strong security and the immediate release of those kidnapped.

“Refugees at Camps Ashraf and Hurriya are no longer safe and we must do all we can to increase security and similar atrocities from taking place and ensure the perpetrators of this attack are held accountable.”

Prior to this, on a separate statement, another leading US congressman, Arizona’s Trent Franks has condemned the massacre of 52 residents of Camp Ashraf on September 1 and demanded the urgent return of seven hostages being held by the Iraqi government.

Arizona’s Trent Franks also called on the US and United Nations to provide immediate security measures for the Iranian dissidents whose lives are in danger at Camp Liberty.

He said in a statement: “In the strongest terms possible, I condemn the cowardly attack on Camp Ashraf, which has sheltered, along with Camp Liberty, the Iranian dissident group, the Mujahedeen-e-Khalq (MEK). I extend my deepest condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the September 1st attack.