November 17, 2017

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Iraq: Iranian opposition member dies due to medical blockade at Camp Liberty

Mr. Mohammad Babaii who died of cardiac arrest in Camp Liberty was the 19th member of Iranian opposition, the PMOI, to have died because of inhumane medical blockade and lack of timely access to hospital. Iraqi forces had deliberately delayed his transfer to hospital. NCRI – Monday afternoon, April 28, another member of Iranian opposition […]

Iran hammered from Washington to Brussels

THE WASHINGTON TIMES By James Morrison   WASHINGTON — Iran was hammered this week from Washington to Brussels, as the brutal regime in Tehran screamed about “four-legged” infidels blocking its ambassador to the United Nations or denouncing it for human rights abuse. In Washington, the House on Thursday unanimously followed the Senate by approving a […]

Iraqi force block entry of utility items to Iranian opposition camp, steal properties

Iraqi forces under the command of Iraqi prime ministry prevented entry of utility items to Camp Liberty and after stalling a few days, stole them. These items, purchased by residents, are badly needed to repair cooling systems for food storage, equipment for filtering water, and systems related to drainage of sewage. In the morning of […]

Video: MEPs condemn Iranian regime, call for protection of Camp Liberty residents

NCRI – European lawmakers condemned the violation of human rights in Iran and called for increased protection for Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty in a European Parliament session in Brussels on Thursday. Estonian MEP Tunne Kelam said sanctions were working and it was now crucial not to make any concessions, adding: “Instead of investing […]