February 25, 2018

Photos: Iraqi forces and militias plunder property at Camp Ashraf

NCRI – According to pictures and reports from inside the Iranian regime that have reached the Resistance, the plunder of property and vehicles of PMOI in Ashraf by Iraq’s National Security organ and the militias under the command of Hadi al-Ameri, Commander of Iraqi forces in Diyala Province, and Iraqi Transportation Minister under Nouri al-Maliki, that have currently occupied Camp Ashraf, continues.

These reports and photos show that the vehicles in at least three large parking lots, where the vehicles had been gathered for sale, have been all stolen. In addition to passenger cars, buses and minibuses, the stolen vehicles include cranes, flatbeds, tow trucks, trucks, water and fuel tankers, etc. Many of these vehicles have been transferred to the main base of National Security organ in Baghdad.

In the attached photos, the parking lots where the residents’ vehicles had been parked for sale before residents evacuated Ashraf in September 2013 and then in the recent months, are shown which show that not even one vehicle remains.

This systematic plunder is while according to the joint plan of the United Nations and the U.S. Embassy on September 5, 2013, government of Iraq had committed itself to “safeguard and guarantee all Ashraf property” and to “allow the residents to sell their property at any time”. Ms. Elizabeth Jones, then U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, in her letter of September 6 to Mrs. Rajavi expressed her support for the above plan and wrote: “The United Nations will help facilitate the safeguarding of the property at Ashraf through your retention of a trusted local security firm. The U.S. Embassy will do its utmost to support these efforts.”

The Iranian Resistance calls on the United Nations and the U.S. government to prevent the ongoing theft of Ashraf residents’ property and depriving them of their property in adherence to their written and repeated commitments and to make arrangements so that Government of Iraq returns the stolen property to the residents and provides the opportunity to sell this property by the residents’ legal representative Senator Robert Torricelli.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 11, 2015