December 15, 2017

Archives for February 2015

For 12th week Iraq blocks entry of gasoline to Iranian dissident’s camp

In winter and rainy weather, it is 12 weeks that Government of Iraq is preventing gasoline from getting to Camp Liberty NCRi – As the siege on Camp Liberty continues, for the twelfth consecutive week, Government of Iraq has prevented gasoline from getting to the camp and since the early days of December, not a […]

EX- UN Iraq envoy demands Camp Liberty recognition as refugee camp

The West must unite to address the plight of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty by ensuring their protection and recognizing the camp as a refugee camp until they can be taken to safety in third countries, a new report has urged. Ad Melkert, former Special Representative of the UN Secretary¬-General for Iraq, wrote: “The Governments […]

Iraqi government bars entry of water purification items to Camp Liberty

As the anti-human siege on Camp Liberty, incongruent with the established routine of the camp, it is several days now that the Iraqi forces are barring entry of essential items for water purification and lubricants for the generators that provide camp’s electricity. Depriving the camp from these basic items causes serious problems in the supply […]

Blatant plunder and usurpation of PMOI property in Camp Ashraf by Iraqi forces and Qods Force militias

NCRI – According to a report published in Iraqi Ministry of Interior website, the Iraqi forces and the terrorist militias under the command of Hadi Ameri that have occupied Camp Ashraf since several months ago and plundered its property, celebrated their “victory” on February 2 in this camp. Iraq’s Interior Minister also participated in this […]

PMOI member Ali Salari loses his life due to medical blockade of Camp Liberty

Call for immediate action to swiftly revoke an anti-human medical blockade whose victims now number 24 On Wednesday morning, February 4, 2015, in Camp Liberty, PMOI member Ali Salari lost his life to cancer and lack of free access to medical treatment. He is the 24th resident who was tormented to death by the anti-human […]