December 16, 2017

Iraqi government bars entry of water purification items to Camp Liberty

As the anti-human siege on Camp Liberty, incongruent with the established routine of the camp, it is several days now that the Iraqi forces are barring entry of essential items for water purification and lubricants for the generators that provide camp’s electricity.

Depriving the camp from these basic items causes serious problems in the supply of drinking water and electricity to the camp. Numerous referrals by the residents and their letters to UNAMI representatives to resolve this problem have gotten nowhere in the past days.

This new anti-human restriction is clearly being implemented by orders from the clerical regime and comes on the heel of Iraqi forces preventing even one liter of gasoline to get to the camp for the past two months to be used in the distribution of food and the commute of patients and injured in the camp.

This tyrannical and criminal siege is in flagrant violation of international humanitarian and human rights laws and is a blatant breach of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the United Nations and the Government of Iraq whose perpetrators may be prosecuted and punished.

Noting the repeated and written commitments of the United States and the United Nations in securing the security and wellbeing of Camp Liberty residents, the Iranian Resistance calls for urgent action to revoke the medical and logistical siege on the camp and to secure free access of residents to essential goods and services.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 9, 2015