November 22, 2017

Church of England head urges protection for Iranian refugees

AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE LONDON(AFP) – The head of the Church of England said Sunday that Iraqand the United Stateshave a duty to protect Iranian refugees in a camp in Iraq from violence or abuse. Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams said events at Camp Ashraf northeast of Baghdad “constitute a humanitarian and human rights issue of […]

Obama’s dilemma in Iraq’s Camp Ashraf

The Christian Science Monitor The US isn’t supposed to intervene. But unless it does, Iranian exiles there face retribution from a brutal regime. Provo, Utah – The Obama administration is facing a difficult foreign-policy and humanitarian challenge that could have serious implications for its relationship with Iran. It concerns 36 Iranian dissidents, promised protection by […]

US ambassador tries to allay fears about Iranian dissidents in Iraq

AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE WASHINGTON — Christopher Hill, the US ambassador to Iraq, sought Thursday to reassure lawmakers who fear for the safety of more than 3,000 Iranian dissidents in a camp in Iraq. Hill, testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, said the US government would work to ensure that 36 People’s Mujahedeen members arrested […]

US urged to restore protection of Iranians in Iraq

ASSOCIATED PRESS WASHINGTON — Supporters of an Iranian dissident group based in Iraq called on the Obama administration Thursday to restore U.S. military protection for the exiles, who were attacked by Iraqi security forces on July 28. They also urged the Iraqi government to release 36 exiles who were taken from the camp during the […]

Bloodshed at Iranian camp tests US-Iraq transition

ASSOCIATED PRESS BAGHDAD — The women formed a human chain while the men chanted, confronting Iraqi troops moving into their compound. Gunfire rang out, and the soldiers waded in with batons, wooden bats and automatic weapons. By the end, officials said, 11 Iranian exiles were dead — shot, beaten or run over by military vehicles. […]

Camp Ashraf: U.S. downplayed threat to Iranian exiles living in Iraq days before attack

The Chicago Tribune Baghdad regime’s raid on anti-Tehran group’s camp ignites protests WASHINGTON – — The Obama administration downplayed international fears over the safety of Iranian dissidents living at an exile camp in Iraq as recently as mid-July, days before a raid by Iraqi security forces killed 11 of the exiles and left scores wounded. […]

The Attack at Camp Ashraf

 ABC News Across the street from the White House for the last 16 days sit Iranians on a hunger strike, demanding justice for the victims of the attack onCampAshraf inIraq – an incident few Americans know anything about. Today Amnesty International called upon Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to investigate those attacks. So what’s the issue? […]

Refugees’ plea to US forces in Iraq: protect us

The Christian Science Monitor Human rights lawyers say the US should intervene to safeguard the Iranians at Camp Ashraf, which was raided by Iraqi security forces July 28. Washington – Human rights lawyers for a group of Iranian refugees living in Iraq who appear to have been brutally beaten by Iraqi security forces last month […]

Iranian dissidents in Iraq deserve our protection

THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR While in Iraq with the Indiana National Guard’s 76th Brigade, one of the safest areas for us to travel was Ashraf. This is the home of many Iranian dissidents who opposed Ayatollah Khomeini’s takeover in 1979. I am disturbed to hear that the Iraqi government has raided the village of Ashraf, reportedly […]

Campaigners urge protection for Iranian dissidents in Iraq

AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE GENEVA— Human rights campaigners and an Iranian opposition group on Wednesday called on the international community to ensure the protection of Iranian dissidents inIraq. The World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) and the vice president of a UN human rights body said they feared that at least 35 people arrested during a security […]