February 22, 2018

US Dignitaries’ Letter to the Visiting Iraqi Prime Minister Urges Protection for Camp Liberty Residents

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Iran is a dangerous ‘ally’ in Syria and Iraq

THE LOS ANGELES TIMES By Hugh Shelton t the dawn of 2015, the U.S. has yet to articulate a comprehensive foreign-policy strategy to counter the influence and territorial gains of Islamic State, the terrorist group that emerged last year — and poses a dangerous and vexing threat to stability across the Middle East and North Africa. By the Pentagon's admission, we neither understand the underlying ideology of the merciless group nor have a grasp of all the players in the region who have aggravated the crisis. Indeed, the fog of war seems to have muddied Iran's role in this dark chapter of regional affairs. Is Tehran an ally or a nemesis in the fight against Islamic State? At least … [Read more...]

The top threat is still Iran

THE NEW YORK POST By Linda Chavez The agreement last week between the governments of Iraq and Iran to enter a formal relationship to fight the Islamic State group should be deeply troubling to the United States. The Islamic State, also known as ISIS, is a grave threat to the region and is responsible for the horrifying beheading of American journalists and an aid worker, as well as the brutal slaughter of countless innocent Muslims and Christians in Syria and Iraq. But as grave a threat as the Islamic State is, Iran is a much greater threat — especially if it acquires nuclear weapons. In November, Washington decided to extend nuclear talks with the Iranians, despite … [Read more...]

Ex-officials urge aid for Iranian dissidents at Camp Liberty

THE WASHINGTON TIMES  By Maggie Ybarra  A bipartisan group of former officials and retired military officers is urging President Obama to provide humanitarian aid to hundreds of Iranian dissidents living at a former U.S. military compound near Baghdad’s international airport. In an Aug. 28 letter to the president, the group said Iraq’s government has been blocking the delivery of food and medicine to the dissidents at Camp Liberty for about a week. Conditions at the refugee camp have been deteriorating rapidly as its exiled residents “are being denied proper means to sustain life.” “This is the seventh day that the Iraqi government has blocked food and medicine from being allowed … [Read more...]

Iraq’s new leader must heal sectarian divides

THE CHICAGO TRIBUNE By Tom Ridge and Howard Dean Although one is tempted to put the disastrous rule of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki in the rearview mirror, we must study it and learn from his mistakes if Iraq's new leadership — with no small measure of U.S. assistance — is to arrest the vicious cycle of sectarian and internecine violence gripping the country. For years, the al-Maliki government pushed Iraq to the brink of civil war by exploiting sectarian divisions for political advantage. With the departure of American troops in 2011, al-Maliki, backed increasingly by Shiite Iran, adopted policies that alienated large segments of the population. Those policies paved … [Read more...]

To stop Iran gaining nukes, stop rewarding it for lying

NEWSWEEK By General Hugh Shelton, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff In a perfect world, a repeated pattern of deceit and moral failure has consequences. Indeed, when trust and credibility are eroded, we dump the shady contractor, we vote out the lying politician, we fire the skimming employee. So how is it we are still at the negotiating table with Iran? Since the 1990s, Iran has hoodwinked the international community over its nuclear program time and time again. And the current round of negotiations seems to offer more of the same subterfuge, foot-dragging and recalcitrance. But rather than use its economic leverage, the international community has rewarded the mullahs … [Read more...]

Iran collides with international community in Mideast conflicts

ROLL CALL By Tom Ridge and Patrick Kennedy Recent reports about Saudi troops amassing to secure that country’s border with Iraq underscores the multinational dimensions of the conflicts raging inside both Iraq and Syria. Civil wars that might have initially only threatened the two dictators are now endangering the entire region and global security. The main culprit for the growing instability is no other party but the repressive theocracy in Iran. This is the view shared by many of our former colleagues in Congress, evident in a series of recent hearings which addressed the destabilizing role of Tehran in the Middle East. Without the overreaching and destructive influence of the … [Read more...]

Alan Dershowitz: US must protect Camp Liberty from ‘genocidal’ Iranian regime

America must keep its promise to protect Iranian dissents in Camp Liberty that are the target of 'genocidal plans' by the religious dictatorship in Tehran, a leading US lawyer has demanded. Alan Dershowitz, prominent lawyer in criminal law also branded Iran the world's worst human rights offender, the world's worst state sponsor of terrorism, the the worst violators of international law greatest threat in the world today in terms of nuclear weapons. He told a gathering of Iranians in Paris on June 27: "I can represent to you here today that the worst human rights offender in the world today is the regime in Iran. They engage in mass executions of political dissenters, of gays, of … [Read more...]

Iran resistance fighters need asylum in US, Lieberman says

FoxNEWS.com Former U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman on Tuesday called for Iran resistance fighters to be brought to the United States to protect them from a possible massacre at the hands of Iraqi government forces. Nearly 3,000 members of the National Council of Resistance to Iran are stationed at Camp Liberty, a former U.S. base in Baghdad, Gen. Hugh Shelton, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Fox News. "By turning them over to Iraqi guidance, or guard, we broke our promise (to protect them), and I'm afraid we've created a real humanitarian crisis," Lieberman told Fox News' Eric Shawn. "America broke its word here, and we can't let that happen." Lieberman said the … [Read more...]

US broken promises over Camp Liberty put its credibility ‘at risk’, Obama told

America's failure to keep its promise to protect Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty is putting its credibility in the world at risk, top foreign policy and military leaders have told President Barack Obama. In a letter to The White House, the US dignitaries reminded Mr Obama that America had pledged to protect the Iranian MEK members if they surrendered their weapons and renounced violence. In 2011, Mr Obama's envoy Ambassador Daniel Fried also vowed that US staff would make regular checks on the dissidents and expedite their relocation to other nations, the letter revealed on the Breitbart News website reads. It adds: "Contrary to repeated US assurances, American officials have not … [Read more...]