February 19, 2018

Video: Fox News report on ‘new fears for Iran opposition’ in Camp Liberty Iraq

Today is the 18th day that the Iraq government has blocked food, fuel and water to some 3,000 residents are of Camp Liberty in Iraq, reports Eric Shawn of Fox News, quoting the Iranian Resistance. "They accuse Tehran of using the chaos in the Middle East to squeeze in to try to kill its critics by starving them to death." The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) has called on US and the United Nations to intervene before it is too late. "The residents live in a former US military base, Camp liberty and one of a growing humanitarian crisis there. They are accusing Baghdad, acting on behalf of Iran by cutting fuel and electricity," the report said. "They say food is … [Read more...]

The final showdown for a free Iran

Speech by Senator Robert Torricelli in the European Parliament "We are talking about Camp Liberty and Ashraf, but I think everybody in the room knows it is really about Iran. "What is happening in Liberty is pretty much a part of the final showdown for a free Iran. It is what is happening in Syria or wherever else the Iranian regime employs its terrorism. This is a proxy fight on that regime and it is one more reason why we, the international community, dare not lose. "I was thinking something while listening to the discourse here this morning, you know, that history is so hard to see when you see it up close. But a wonderful thing is happening here today in the western world. This … [Read more...]

Fox News: Is US Keeping its Promise and Protecting Iranian Dissidents in Camp Ashraf?

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Political Turmoil in Iraq – Camp Ashraf

Fox News  "Special Report" with Shannon Bream Special Guests: A.B. Stoddard, Steve Hayes, Charles Krauthammer Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com MICHAEL MUKASEY, FORMER ATTORNEY GENERAL: Now these people are in a camp where they are defenseless, and the United States troops have pulled out with the result that they are now at the mercy of the Iraqi government which is really doing the biding of the Iranian government. They've attacked them twice, both times when the U.S., then U.S. Secretary of Defense Bob Gates, was in country. SHANNON BREAM, GUEST HOST: That is former Attorney General Michael Mukasey talking about a group of Iranian dissidents who actually live in … [Read more...]

Fox News “Special Report”: Panel Discusses America’s Promise of Protection to Camp Ashraf Residents

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Fox News: America ‘s Promise and Humanitarian Crisis in Camp Ashraf

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