November 23, 2017

Martin Kobler deceives the US State Department

NCRI – Subsequent to the long-overdue transfer of 14 residents of Camp Liberty to Albania, a spokesperson of the US State Department instead of appreciating the efforts of the leadership of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the Iranian Resistance, who facilitated this transfer with tremendous efforts and heavy costs, targeted the victims. […]

Martin Kobler and Iraq plot to foil Camp Liberty residents’ return to Ashraf

In collusion with Kobler, Iraqi government plots to foil Liberty residents’ return to Ashraf, the only practical solution for their security • The Iraqi government’s national security advisor, at the behest of the Iranian regime with the consent of Martin Kobler, has asked a judge in the city of Khalis, to order the evacuation of […]

Camp liberty attacked with rockets

Call on the UN Secretary General, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the U.S. Secretary of State for immediate return of Liberty residents to Ashraf  NCRI -At 5.50 pm Baghdad  local time, Camp Liberty was attacked once again. The camp and its obliterated trailers were shacken at daylight by explosions caused by at least […]

Kerry Blasts Iran for Attack on Dissidents

ASSOCIATED PRESS (WASHINGTON) — Secretary of State John Kerry has accused Iran of launching a deadly attack last February on its own people who were seeking refuge in Iraq because of opposition to their country’s policies. Testifying before the House Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, Kerry told lawmakers that Iran was behind a rocket and […]

Kerry blames Iran for attack on Iraq camp

AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE WASHINGTON — US Secretary of State John Kerry blamed the Iranian government for a deadly attack on an opposition camp in Iraq, and voiced fears of another assault. “We are deeply engaged in this. I am very concerned about the potential of another attack,” Kerry told US lawmakers when asked about the […]

Kobler gives carte blanche for another criminal attack in Ashraf

Kobler must face justice for his criminal activities against 3200 Iranian refugees The issue of refugees and asylum seekers in Ashraf and Liberty are completely under the mandate of the UNHCR In a letter to Iranian Resistance President-elect Mrs Maryam Rajavi, Martin Kobler has told more lies and exposed Ashraf to the threat of yet […]

‘Lying’ Martin Kobler has failed Camp Liberty residents and must be replaced, Ex-UN official

NCRI – Martin Kobler has been ‘fabricating information’ and must be sacked for failing to keep his promises to the people of Camps Ashraf and Liberty, a meeting at the European Parliament on last Wednesday, March 27 was told. Tahar Boumedra – a former advisor to Kobler at the UN’s mission to Iraq – also […]

Martin Kobler’s ‘malignant behaviour’ lead to the murder of Liberty residents in rocket attack, EP Vice-President

NCRI – United Nations envoy Martin Kobler must be sacked and made to pay for his ‘malignant behaviour’ that lead to the deaths of Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty, European Parliament vice-president Alejo Vidal-Quadras has demanded. Kobler is a barrier to solving the crisis at Liberty and has exposed its residents to the risk of […]

Martin Kobler has ‘betrayed and deceived’ Camp Liberty residents, Senior MEP

NCRI – Camp Liberty residents have been ‘deceived and betrayed’ by the United Nations envoy Martin Kobler and should now be immediately returned to Camp Ashraf, staunch Iranian Resistance supporter and MEP Struan Stevenson has demanded. The EU’s foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton needed to act now to ensure their safety before more blood is […]

Iranians at risk, warn MEPs

EUROPEAN VOICE   More than 200 MEPs sign petition to Catherine Ashton over fate of demobilised anti-regime fighters from Iran stranded in Iraq. A group of more than 200 members of the European Parliament from across the political spectrum has warned that demobilised Iranian fighters stranded in Iraq are at risk of violence from Iraqi […]