December 18, 2017

UN chief condemns attack on Iran dissidents in Iraq

REUTERS UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned a deadly attack on an Iranian dissident camp in the Iraqi capital early on Saturday and demanded an investigation by Iraqi authorities. “(Ban) strongly condemns the mortar attack today on Camp Liberty, the temporary transit facility near Baghdad for former residents of Camp Ashraf,” his […]

Martin Kobler’s Remarks on Camp Liberty Attack a Disgrace

StopFundamentalism.COM This morning, Saturday February 9, about 40 rockets hit a small Iranian refugee camp near Baghdad known as Camp Liberty, killing at least 6 refugees and wounding near a hundred.  The deaths and injuries are direct responsibility of UNAMI’s Martin Kobler as he is the instigator and the force behind the eviction of former […]

Attack kills 5 at Iranian exile camp in Iraq

CNN Baghdad (CNN) — A camp housing Iranian dissidents in Iraq was attacked Saturday morning, leaving at least five dead and 40 wounded, Iraqi police said. The rocket and mortar attack occurred at Camp Hurriya, a onetime U.S. base formerly known as Camp Liberty, which is now the home of the Iranian exile group Mujahedin-e-Khalq. […]

UNHCR Chief Guterres strongly condemns deadly attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq

UNHCR Press Releases 9 February 2013 – The High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres expresses his shock about this morning’s mortar attack on Camp Liberty in Iraq that reportedly killed six and wounded dozens. “I strongly condemn this attack,” Mr. Guterres said, noting that the residents of Camp Liberty are asylum seekers undergoing the refugee […]

Rocket Attack on Camp Liberty Kills Six Iranian Opposition Members

Attack on Liberty with at least 35 missiles and mortars has left 6 killed and more than 50 injured At 05:45 this morning, local time, camp Liberty was attacked with missiles and mortars. Until now 6 residents including a woman were martyred and more than 50 people injured. The injured are at critical condition and […]

Top UN official accused of tricking thousands of Iranian dissidents into ‘concentration camp’

Sunday Telegraph If it were reported that a senior UN official had been drawn into a conspiracy which, having already led to death or injury for hundreds of innocent people, would then trick thousands more into thinking they would reach freedom, only to find that they were trapped in a vile concentration camp, this might […]

Sewage and rain water have covered all over the Liberty ground – Residents demand to return to Ashraf

Camp Liberty-No. 62 Following the continuous raining, water and sewage covered all over the Liberty ground making it almost impossible to commute within the camp. The sewage overflew on the ground polluting the whole camp and exposing the residents to various diseases and infections. Rising the level of rain water on the camp ground and […]

Iranian exiles blame Iraq for death of refugee camp resident, say his hospitalization blocked

ASSOCIATED PRESS BAGHDAD (AP) — An Iranian exile group representing residents of a refugee camp outside Baghdad alleged Monday that one of its members has died after Iraqi authorities prevented him from being hospitalized last month. The allegation is the latest in a series of charges against the Iraqi government by the Paris-based National Council […]

Behrooz Rahimian, a PMOI member, was slain due to obstruction in his treatment by the Government of Iraq and a deadly silence of Martin Kobler and the UNAMI

Behrooz Rahimian was second resident to be slain at Liberty and the ninth member of his family to be killed Behrooz Rahimian, a PMOI member, died from a cardiac arrest on Sunday, December 23 at 12.00 noon, a month after the Iraqi intelligence service prevented from hospitalizing him. Iraqi Premiership, intelligence agents and the Prime […]

U.N. chief appeals for countries to take Iran dissidents

REUTERS UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon appealed on Thursday for countries to consider resettling several thousand Iranian dissidents living in Iraq who were recently moved to a former U.S. military base in Baghdad from a camp where they lived for decades. In a report to the Security Council, Ban said 3,112 members […]